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Looking for a copywriter?

A well-written, catchy text for your website, social media or other advertising, increases your company’s visibility.

But as an entrepreneur, you prefer to do what you’re good at: selling your product or service. Often, this leaves little time for other important matters, such as good communication with your target audience in order to optimally market your product.


As an Executive Assistant with a proven track record, I have gained experience and knowledge in the field of communication and (SEO) copywriting. Experience and knowledge I am happy to use in order to help you. For example, I can write or optimize your website text, in a way that it complies with SEO (Search Engine Optimization), which will give you a higher score in Google. As a result, your company will be found faster by your target group. But this is only part of my services.

Being an Executive Assistant for over 25 years, communication became my specialty. But I also offer online support as Virtual Assistant. Please check my blog to learn how this can help you and your business. 

This provides you all the flexibility you need. With my skill set and extensive international network, I can offer you a broad scale of services to help you focus on your core business!

I’m parttime available for you. Simply fill out the contact form and I’ll get in touch with you to discuss the options!